This page contains some real cool books you've got to read . No particular order or genre here , just stuff in my collection which should be in yours as well . Turn that page !

Found it very difficult to replace the original books featured on this page because they were such strong titles , but for reference they were

The Hobbit
Dream Brother - Jeff and Tim Buckley
The Sharper Word
Mojo Magazine amongst others
The Johnny Rotten book stays , though !


The only book you really need if The Smiths' music is what you're interested in . There are other books that attempt to dig into the head of Morrissey and books that turf up the ugly court cases that followed the groups demise but for the real deal , the music , this is where it begins and ends
It runs in chronological order , song by song , giving detailed accounts on each track so that by the end of the book you feel like you were actually IN The Smiths and you've just experienced their whole recording career .

So if , like me , you like to lounge around all day looking fascinating , this is for you !

All you need is a sponge and a rusty spanner

  THE GREAT GATSBY by F.Scott Fitzgerald

Continuing in my line of great American writing , I recieved this book as a gift from a good friend of mine in Chicago , Mr JR Remke . My major love in American literature is , of course , Mr.Kerouac , but Fitzgerald's style and sense of detail makes him a close second . The mood and atmosphere is never lost as you steam through this book , it's timeless qualities infesting you're every living moment whilst reading it . The characters are more than brought to life and they stay with you long after you've put it down . I recommend the Authorised Text which differs from the widely available version .


This replaces Mojo as my magazine of choice on this page although I'd still strongly recommend that title . Similar to Mojo in detail but also over-lapping into movies , which is not a major concern of mine , but more a passing interest . The main body of work here for me is the massive and complete features they run . A 'feature' in a normal magazine may run to 7-8 pages , Uncut go the whole way . Sometimes running to 40 pages on one subject , which is phenomenal writing and editing , and never letting the readers attention to slip , even if it's a subject you're only faintly in to , you find yourself getting to the end . Great writing and superb presentation . A massive bonus is a monthly free CD which usually features a sample of newly released material and occasionally a special edition CD of Dylan or Stones covers .
I have more great mags up my sleeve ( I bet you have) for next time

New Books and Panties !

MOON - Tony Fletcher

Following on from Tony's excellent REM biog , here he tackles a subject very close to his heart and you can tell . Often getting too close to the subject matter but painstakingly sifting through facts to get to the truth behind one of rocks great mythical men but also one of rocks most misunderstood . Keith Moon was too big for life , too mad for suburban life in Britain and indeed the rest of the world and this book tells it all . Don't ask me to compare it to 'Dear Boy' , the more recent Moon book . Just get 'em both and dose up !


PATTI SMITH - Victor Bockvis

A genius book on a genius topic . A biography is always superior when it's written by someone who was actually around the subject matter through the tale they are telling , such is the way with this tome . The author was a mover and shaker on the New York poetry scene in the late 60's / early 70's and took an acute interest from Patti from that point onwards , even when she swapped prose for rock 'n' roll
A fascinating person , this is story that both inspires and baffles full of incredible highs and damaging lows - an incredible story told by a credible author !

What more could you want from a biog ?


by John Lydon

The most wonderful biography of the most wonderful Johhny Rotten of the Sex Pistols . To find out why he titled it so , you must read the book . Full of anecdotes to make you wince , laugh , cry and shiver with excitement . In a world of fake heros , this man is a real one , simply because he was real and the band was real . Warts and all this book is . You can now finally find out what was in Glen Matlocks omelette!!!